Original Works

Original Characters

The following are some of the characters that have been
living in my imagination for a while. Some are based on
design prompts, others are just waiting for their stories
to be written.
A cute, happy young woman with brown skin and turquoise hair styled in a bun. She's wearing an oversize pastel orange sweatshirt with a picture of pumpkin pie on it and a white mini skirt.A handsome, serious male Elf with long purple hair. He's wearing cargo pants, a tunic, and a vest. He's carrying a staff that helps him cast Earth magic.A handsome young man with light brown skin and long deep brown dreadlocks with gold decorations. He's wearing a white button down shirt and jeans. He has a mischievous, flirtatious grin.A beautiful woman with long dreadlocks in a ponytail wearing a crop top and jeans. She's reading a coffee cup fondly where a cute barista wrote his phone number.

Mythical Creature Series

The Mythical Creature Series is a personal character design challenge.
I look up legendary creatures and monsters from different cultures, from A-Z.
Then I make a character based on my findings.

Featured below from left to right are:

Dragon (Korean variation)
A Japanese man with short pale blue hair and glowing blue traditional clothing. He is smoking a pipe and shimmering gold smoke is coming from his pipe.The crying ghost of a young white woman. She has red hair in a long undercut that's been pulled back into a ponytail. She has Celtic inspired tattoos and is wearing a black ballgown.A man with green skin, long hair made of fire, and backwards facing feet. He is carrying a spear with poacher's snares on it and a poacher's skull as shoulder armor.A Korean man dressed in traditional clothing with scale embroidery and long black hair. He's holding a giant white orb and is magically controlling a column of water.